• RDS Incorporated

    Harness The Power(tm) 

  • Nevada's First Geothermal Power Plant

    Drone Fly Into The Central Plant at Wabuska


    Flying over our cooling ponds to the Power Plant.

  • Who We Are

    Experienced. Caring. Hard-Working. Locals. Nevadans. 

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    Rex D Stock

    Your Partner in Success

    President and CEO 

    Working with the Egbert Family at Wabuska is a dream for me. I've always been interested in Green Energy, and making the world a better place.  Wabuska has the resources to allow companies to build operations that are powered, heated, and cooled by 100% Renewable Energy. Sustainable Practices and some really fine people are involved with this project. We also have experts from the University of Nevada Reno and Desert Research Institute involved with things like geothermal power and water resources. 

  • What We Do

    We Develop Ideas, Relationships, Communities, Goodwill

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    We find ways to harness all the power that surrounds us. We try to tame the chaos and in doing so we make the world a better place for our clients, our communities, and all the living things we encounter. Fun Stuff.